lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Pordenone location

Pordenone is located in Fruili-Venezia Guilia region in northeastern Italy, its name means "port on the River Noncello". His history dates back to the Roman age, the city was created to be a port. This place has beautiful and antique buildings but it also has wonderful sightseeing. It is a small city so you can move around on foot.
Life in Pordenone is quiet and people there still work their own orchard and make their own wine. It seems that the time of war is still in their memories, because their are always saving. They have good relations with their neighbours and a relaxing but hard working life.

Mi family now

We are a large and great family. Although I have an aunt living in Miami, one brother with his wife and son living in Cordoba, and two sisters and two brothers more living in the Downtown, we always stay in touch. We travel to see them and spend some time together when possible.
My husband's family is my family too. We spend a lot of time together and almost every Sunday we eat barbecue in my father in law's house. He also invites my grandma and her sister, because I am the only granddaughter who live near her.
My grandma takes care of my son when he is not at school and I go to study or work. She is seventy nine years old and she is like a mother to me since my mother died. She wants me to call her almost every day, because she wants to know how is my son and she sometimes wants to know how we are too.
My husband is a sweet and quiet man. In the weekend, when I am not going to study, he wakes me up with mate in bed. He also is a great cooker, so when I am tired he is in charge of that. As a father he is really great, he plays a lot with Joaquín. Now he is teaching him how to ride a bike.
Joaquín is the sweetiest and funny kid I ever met, maybe I am saying this because I am his mother, but he makes me happy every single day. He is going to the kindergarten and the next year he is going to first grade. Twice a week he goes swimming, he loves it. He sometimes goes with one of my husband's cousin, called Nico, to the cinema. Despite Joaquín has six aunts and uncles, Nico adopted him as his nephew.
We have a lot of friends that are part of our family too. We love to meet to listen some music or we sometimes go to the park in front of my department and spend the afternoon drinking mate.
I am really lucky to have all this people in my life...


Pordenone, Italy

I have chosen this video because it shows the magic of Pordenone. This place is a perfect mix between buildings and nature.
The edifices are mostly gothic and renaissance in style and are typically decorated with beautiful frescoes. The most famous places to visit are Corso Vittorio Emmanuelle II, Duomo of St. Mark, Palazzo Ricchieri, Communal Palace, Castello Di Torre and Roman Villa of Torre.
If you want to relax, you can go to enjoy the sightseeing, it only took minutes to see fantastic places.

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Carmen's letter

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